COMMON SENSE LOAN MODIFICATION GUIDE: Home Owner Edition by Gail Allen (price $375.00) You will submit your request for a loan modification to your lender with our assistance!



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CONTACT US AT: 973-870-7983

We will show you how to arm your file with a forensic audit or loan analysis report. (reports are used by law firms and loan modification agencies.)

*What is a loan analysis report?

The report is a review of the mortgage related documents signed by the borrower on the day of closing. The report focuses on disclosure violations of federal law (TILA, RESPA, FDCPA, HOEPA, UCC, and others) and state laws (common law, fees, yield spreads, contract law, and others). The audit also looks for commissions violations, refund eligibility, misapplied payments, calculation errors, application fraud, and more. The audit maybe ordered directly from you..
Why pay a 3rd party when you can do it yourself.

Why use a loan analysis report?

The LDA Report is a tool used by lenders that determines what type of payment relief program you qualify for…
Remember there are many types of loan modification programs including payment suspension.
In this book you will learn about “NPV” Net Present Value this is an automated property evaluation model that reflects the true value of your property from the lender’s perspective. The report will give a pass or fail grade on your file.*fees are incurred for loan reports and all loan reports are optional.
Perhaps You Don’t Need an Expensive Law Firm or Agency to Get Your Loan Modification.By Modifying your Home Loan Directly With Your Lender You Can Save Thousands of Dollars!


Incomplete Applications
Missing information
Missing signatures
Missing proof of income for self-employed
P and L statements that are not justified
Income and Expense statements that are inaccurate.

The Guide includes FREE LOAN MODIFICATION ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR LENDER._______________________________________________________

Also, Home Owners are often unfamiliar with debt to income ratios and Guidelines that should be included in every Loan Modification Request Packet.

CALL 973-870-7983 or you may click the link below and a member of our staff will contact you within 24hrs.

*****FAST EVALUATIONS MAY FAX TO 1-866-896-3671

Documents Needed: recent pay stubs *hardship letter * mortgage statement(s)


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